The Latest Trend in Women’s Jeans

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If you’re wondering what the latest trend in women’s jeans is, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these styles and trends to stay in the fashion game this fall.

Dark-Wash Denim

Trends in jeans come and go quickly, and they are no different from denim. For example, skinny jeans were once uncool and are now popular among millennials. Meanwhile, denim women’s jean shorts remain a staple of summer wardrobes, while denim overalls are also in high demand. This trend is still in its early stages and may come and go quickly. For example, light-wash denim is a more versatile option than darker shades. This type of denim pairs well with basic t-shirts and hoodies and is easy to dress up or down. 

Cargo-Style Denim

Cargo-style denim is a versatile style that is catching on fast. This look comes in different washes and styles and can have any utility loops or pockets. For example, some designers translate the trend as workwear-inspired denim with three patch pockets on the side. This type of denim is versatile and works well with other pieces. It’s the ultimate pant for versatility and can be worn anywhere. The latest denim trends include super baggy, cargo-style jeans and two-toned washes.

Print Denim

The latest trend for denim jeans is a statement print, perfect for spring. You can find psychedelic swirls, checkerboards, and ’90s-inspired designs. These prints aren’t overly-brash; instead, they’re fun and feminine. Another trend that’s perfect for spring is cargo-style denim. You can find both ’90s grunge-inspired versions and classic bootcut. There are many styles and variations of printed denim, and you can wear them year-round. From psychedelic prints to Baroque paintings, feather motifs, and more, you can find the perfect pair of jeans to complement your wardrobe. In addition to denim jeans, brands also use this fabric for other garments, such as coats and jackets.

Low-Rise Denim

This trend is making a comeback after being sidelined for a few years. Low-rise jeans are denim jeans with a low waistband. They were first popular during the early 2000s but had recently been gaining popularity again. 

The new low-rise trend isn’t limited to denim. Some brands have created a line of skinny jeans in a low-rise style. Good American, for example, has a line of jeans in a low-rise style that is both flattering and comfortable. It’s a great throwback to the ’90s but is also an excellent choice for everyday wear. The low-rise silhouette also pairs well with sneakers and slim-heeled shoes.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are a versatile and flattering style that can be worn on any occasion. They can have a high or low rise and be tailored to fit any figure. Their wide hemline can balance out pear shapes, wide shoulders, and larger busts. They are a great choice for first dates or office wear. They can also be worn as a layered piece with a blouse or bodysuit. One of the biggest trends in women’s jeans is flared jeans.